Photovoltaic Large-Scale Plants

As supplier of efficient solar power plants we can make attractive offers to municipalities and farmers to use large free-fields – former air fields, former military areas, former garbage dumps can be used for the production of clean, economic energy. We are your competent partner for the realization of turnkey PV plants worldwide.


Diversity is one of juwi’s strength and this is a very attractive quality, especially in the photovoltaic sector. Our employees do their very best to address your specific ideas:
whether you lease your roof or open space for a photovoltaic system, whether you would like to build a PV system yourself or are a investor looking for suitable project. We offer a broad spectrum of opportunities and a range of diverse services. And no two projects are alike. Which contracts should you sign and with whom? How can you integrate solar energy into a local authority’s energy concept? We offer comprehensive consulting and accompany you from A-Z.


The photovoltaic project begins with the search for an appropriate surface. Does the roof face south? Will it bear the weight of the module? Will it be renovated in the near future? Even with open spaces, the selection of location plays an important role in the project. The best spaces are sealed surfaces, military conversion areas or unused farming areas. juwi collects yield appraisals, investigates plans for the region and looks into options for connecting the system to the power grid. We also resolve any questions related to property law. We always keep the big picture in mind and select projects that offer the greatest benefit to all of our partners.


We select appropriate surfaces with the potential for profitable yields. Our project
managers take care of all leasing contracts and building licenses. If there are conflicting interests and viewpoints, we organise compromises that suit all parties, for example
between economic developers and conservationists. We size the systems and select
the types of modules and module systems needed to suit the specific land area. In this
phase of the project, we also make detailed plans for coordinating the system’s construction. And throughout the entire project, we will stand by as your contact partner – until your system is up, running and producing clean, reliable energy.


We optimise the efficiency of a project at all levels: Framework agreements with renowned
manufacturers, such as First Solar, SMA or Schletter guarantee cuttingedge technology at affordable prices. Our professionals also help you to finance your solar power systems. We negotiate ideal credit conditions with banks. As a project owner, you benefit from contracting juwi to construct a system for you. Upon request, we can also take over the financing of the project and the search for private or institutional investors.


juwi has experience with over 1,500 planned photovoltaic systems. For the large majority
of projects, juwi coordinates all activities during the construction phase. Solar modules,
installation systems, inverters and transformers are delivered, assembled and connected.

juwi connects the system to the power grid and commissions the system. The first kilowatt hours are fed into the grid. And there is a positive side-effect: By contracting regional construction and transportation companies, we make a regular contribution to value creation in the area.


Upon request, we can take over the technical management for you. This includes daily inspection with remote monitoring, and if necessary, our service technicians can carry out maintenance. This is important, because the efficiency of a PV project is dependent upon smooth operation over a period of 20 years or more. If desired, our business management professionals will handle your accounting. We create invoices and annual reports, monitor payments and conclude agreements with property owners, banks and insurance agents – and we do all this while minimising costs and maximising yields.